Zoe Post Mortem

I obviously didn’t get to this before now, but last Monday, my wife took Zoe to the vet. She didn’t come home this time. I did get some lap time with Zoe before her spirit departed this world, so I took some pictures:

Zoe did get even worse. She had a difficult time even drinking water. Her last night, she didn’t cry or make any noise at night like she had been doing the previous night. Any attempt to feed her was absolutely futile. About the only thing she’d consume was milk off a plate.My wife took her to the vet and was surprised how quickly the euthanasia shot worked. From alive to dead in two seconds. Guess they have that down to a science, and at least her suffering came to an end.This was hard on Jaden. We had a few nights of being really sad at bedtime. Completely understandable. Gracie, well, she hasn’t asked where Zoe is yet. We have no idea what to tell a three year old about death, which makes us somewhat glad she hasn’t asked about the Zoe in a while.On the plus side, we now have less pet-related expenditures every month. Zoe’s meds and food were a bit pricey–to the tune of about $100 a month! Toby can eat anytime he wants now, and I don’t have to spend my time trying to get Zoe to eat–which got more challenging as her condition worsened.Hopefully, Zoe’s up there somewhere meowing at us from afar. We’ll all miss her.






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