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  • The Notebook

    Presented with only the following context: married in 1997, divorced in 2023.

  • Listen to the Music

    Before I moved out of the Pacific Northwest, I was lucky enough to get one of the few possessions I actually wanted from the marital home: my music collection. It was among the stuff that was left on the porch for me to retrieve at the marital home back in April: My music collection consisted […]

  • Offices

    While writing a different blog post earlier in 2022, I had written a bit about the office my ex-wife has in the house that, up until recently, was directly paying the mortgage on, versus the one I had in that very same house. It didn’t fit in that post, but I liked the idea enough […]

  • Independence Day

    On July 4th 1997, I married someone. On July 4th 1999, I did it again. I even took her last name by hyphenating. And, yet, so many times during that marriage I thought about the irony of the fact I got married on Independence Day. After tens of thousands of dollars spent in legal fees […]

  • Eliminating All The Crap

    Who knew an innocuous social media post I made a couple months ago would wind up in a court document in my divorce: A particular Carly Simon tune comes to mind.

  • Let There Be Music

    Back in January, when I made the decision to separate from my wife after nearly 25 years, I had to make some quick decisions about what I would take with me since there was no guarantee I would ever be allowed back in the house again and I have only so much room in my […]

  • 180 Days Ago Today…

    It was a little over 24 hours since filing for divorce and a motion for an immediate restraining order. My credit cards were cancelled. My bank accounts were drained. My credit was frozen. My house was no longer a safe place to be. I didn’t have local friends or family I could turn to for […]

  • Money

    As a young kid in the 1970s, I remember the very first “adult” album I put on the record player: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. I liked Money, so I often put on Side 2, where this track was first. Incidentally, that album along with Wish You Were Here was also on the […]

  • Point (of) Defiance

    While being married to someone for nearly 25 years, there wasn’t much I did that was truly just for myself. Everything I did, everything I bought, even for myself, demanded I consider everyone else in the house. As a result, I often sublimated my own needs for the family. Now that I am separated from […]

  • Separation

    It’s funny: when you’re going through massive changes, it seems like a good time to make even more changes. In this case, I’m doing something I probably should have done a long time ago: separating my work life from my personal life. As someone who works from home and is currently living in a single […]