Zoe is Jesus’ Kitty Now

My wife and I were trying to figure out a way to explain where Zoe went. For the longest time, she kept asking where Zoe went. We explained Zoe isn’t here anymore. We gave her a picture of Zoe so she could see her all the time.

Leave it to the school to explain. Well, they didn’t directly explain it, but they explained that Jesus died for us. It’s a pre-school at a church, what do you expect? Anyway, she asked my wife if Zoe died the other day. She, of course said yes. Then my daugher said “Jesus died, too, so she must be Jesus’ kitty now.”

I drove by the vet the other day with the kids in the car. Jaden mentioned something about not needing to go there at all now that Zoe is dead. Then Gracie piped in with Zoe is Jesus’ kitty now.

Oh well, it’s not the explanation we were going for, but it works. Since then, the questions have stopped about Zoe. Instead, we get questions about if we’re coming to her birthday or not, since that’s coming soon. 😉






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