Zen and the Art of Blood Sugar Maintenance

One of the rules of diabetes club is: blood sugar readings don’t always make sense.

Like today, both of my blood sugar readings were under 100 mg/dL. I’m certainly not eating no carbs but I’m not pigging out on them either.

The treadmill my wife found from someone who lives a couple streets away was a real find at $20. It’s not in the best shape but it works. This means I can walk indoors when the elements are working against me outdoors. I walked a good 40 minutes today, worked up a nice sweat, and was able to proceed straight to the shower.

I even ended the day well below my target calorie range. Not intentionally but that’s how it seems to have worked out.

All in all its been a good day for my blood sugar. Maybe today is a reflection of the good work I’ve been doing to manage it. I’m hoping numbers in this ballpark are the new normal.







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