Young, Dumb, and Stupid

When I was in high school, I wrote a heck of a lot of poetry. It tried to put the jumbled mess of feelings I had in high school into some kind of coherent and artistic expression. I was misguided enough to think it might impress the ladies, which of course it didn’t, at least in the way I wanted. Of course, I was misguided about a lot of things back then.

I was trying to find all the stuff I wrote. A couple of my poems got published in my high school’s literary magazine. The fact I was one of the editors that year had nothing to do with that, of course, as I primarily worked on page layout. I know I have them on a disk. However, I don’t have a computer capable of reading those old disks as they are Mac 800k disks! Why didn’t I transfer them to at least 1.4mb disks, where I might have some hope of reading them? Given I’ve had them over 15 years now, who knows if anything can still read them? Floppy disks “go south” after a while.

Scarily enough, I ran across some paper journal entries from college that are timestamped about as late as I am writing now. I’m almost afraid to read those papers, though I’m not sure why. It was me. Okay, so I looked at them. Mostly from sophomore year of college. Man, I was girl-obsessed. Man, was I stupid about it.

And here it is, almost 3am, and I should be sleeping. Guess I haven’t grown out of stupid yet.






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