World’s largest pilot union shuns full-body scanners • The Register

The [American Pilots Association] and UCSF scientists join a growing chorus of critics of backscatter devices. Last week, the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a federal lawsuit accusing the Department of Homeland Security’s TSA of unilaterally mandating the use of the machines as the primary security screening technique. By requiring government contractors to capture images of travelers’ naked bodies, the policy violates a raft of federal laws, as well as Constitutional protections prohibiting unreasonable search and seizure, EPIC argued.


You know what I realized the other day: where is the ACLU on this? How come in all these stories I’ve come across decrying the use of these naked body scanners, not a single one of them mentions the ACLU? The ACLU is clearly against this invasive technology but not a single story I’ve seen mentions that.

Maybe the ACLU isn’t being active enough on this. Or maybe they are and the media is just ignoring them because the press is trying to marginalize the ACLU.

Meanwhile, I will continue to opt-out.The TSA can feel my resistance.






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