Workflows for 10Centuries and

As is shutting down, a number of people are moving onto other social networks. Two members created their own, one being 10 Centuries, which also includes a blogging/podcasting platform, the other being, which has a very similar API to ADN. Both are currently invite only, and I’m happy to share with you if you’re interested.

The problem with these smaller social networks is the integrations you might find in iOS or third party services simply don’t exist. The good news is: both have documented APIs. Also, apps like Workflow exist that make it easy for non-programmers to actually leverage those APIs.

The end result? I’ve built a few workflows in the Workflow app that will allow me to utilize both services in whatever way I can get Workflow to allow me to use them. I’m sharing them in case anyone else finds them useful. I may also update them in the future.

10C Auth
10C Blog — used to post this very blog post!
10C Blurb
10C Image Upload and Blurb
10C and Pnut Blurb/Post
10C and Pnut Image Post using Imgur

Hopefully these are self-explanatory. Comments are included in the workflows. Reach out if you have questions.






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