Why I Can Never Go To Bed Early

Yesterday, I lucked out and got to sleep in until 9am IN MY OWN BED. Both children cooperated with this somehow. I’m sure it will never happen again.

Meanwhile, tonight, I had plans to be done a little earlier than now. However, a little thing called an Internet outage on my cable modem caused me some grief. Even with a backup DSL connection, switching between them does take a small amount of work. Undoing that work is also fairly easy.

What seems to happen with me is a matter of “one more thing.” I think “oh yeah, I’ll do this one more thing and be done. Okay, this one more thing and I’ll be done.” Repeat until sometime after 1:30am or later. The only way for me to successfully go to bed early is to not go up to my office after I’m done picking up around the house after the kids go to bed. And that almost never happens. 😉

Meanwhile, I’m starting to think Jaden might also be going down this road. This evening after I got done cleaning up downstairs, I noticed that Jaden’s fishies were still playing about 45 minutes after he went to bed. I walked into his room to see what he was he was doing. He was laying in bed reading. While I didn’t tell him to go to bed, I suggested that it was awfully late and that he was going to have to get up early in the morning to go to school. Whether that made him put down the book and go to bed or if he had come to that conclusion already, I don’t know.

Meanwhile, it’s 2am. The third cup of green tea I had after everyone went to bed is starting to weigh on my bladder (yes, the caffeine I get from the Costco Green Tea doesn’t affect me at all). It’s bedtime.






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