Who’s Getting Healthier Exactly?

When I read stuff like this article on how Vitamin C can help prevent heart disease, I have to wonder if the drug companies actually have any interest in, oh, I dunno, making people healthy. It’s probably the same reason the mainstream medical establishment takes any natural remedies of any sort seriously.

Probably my biggest eye-opening experience about this was when I went to the allergist a few months ago. They of course pricked the snot out of my arms with lots of different types of allergens. It was discovered that most types of grass did not agree with me, along with a couple of types of trees and cat hair. What was their solution? Drugs. The doctor took me over to his “sample cabinet” and it was like a candy store. Every allergy drug known to man was there. I could pick and choose what I wanted. This doctor was little more than a legalized drug dealer.

I’ve always been highly skeptical of medical doctors. I’ve never quite understood why. I thought it might have something to do with the fact my mother was very anti-doctor and my dad, well, I dunno about that. I lived with my mom mostly, so I assume her influence on my opinion would be greater. The reliance on drugs, whether it be because the doctors simply don’t know better, or because the drug companies have snowed them into thinking they are the answer, is just far too great for my tastes.

However, not all medical doctors are under the thumbs of the drug companies. I start reading people like Dr. Mark Hyman (particularly his UltraMetabolism Blog) and Dr. Leo Galland (check out the Fat Resistance Diet), and at least some of my faith in the medical profession is restored. The problem is: finding doctors that subscribe to principles such as those espoused by The Institute of Functional Medicine and can effectively apply those or similar principles.






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