White Board for my To Do List

Recently, while cleaning up the office, I discovered my old white board that I hadn’t used in a while. The big issue with the white board is that there’s not really many good places in my office to hang it up. Mostly it’s because there’s very little high-up vertical space thanks to my office being in the roof of the house. However, I did find a place for it just to the right of my desk.

Right now, what I am using my white board for is my to-do list. I like it because it’s nice to be able to erase something off my list easily, not to mention adding things. I had a major sense of accomplishment yesterday with all the erasing of items I did. It’s also easily reachable and visible from my desk, which is a huge bonus.

I’m hoping that actually being able to see the To Do list will actually help me to get things done. A visual reminder that stuff needs to be done.






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