Where’s PhoneBoy

I’ve now added a perhaps voyeristic feature to my other blog: a statusmessage from twitter. I’d add it here as well except there isn’t a way for me to add a block of Javascript to my Vox site. I’ve left some feedback for the people at SixApart about this. Maybe they’ll add the ability to add a Twitter block at some point.

Twitter isan SMS-based service where you can update a group of people with asingle text message or a short message from the web. The message isthen sent to your buddies over SMS and is available to be queried overthe web. People can “subscribe” your presence and you can “subscribe”to other people’s presence. You receive the updates over SMS.

I’m sure the carriers absolutely love Twitter because it drives theuse of text messaging. Too bad more people I know don’t use it.

While they haven’t released an API for it yet, they have madeavailable two kinds of badges: one using Flash, the other usingJavascript. The Javascript-based method was released this past week andis what I am using on phoneboy.com right now. The badge gives you mylatest status from Twitter so you can get an idea of what I’m doing right now. And all I have to do to update it is send a brief text message.






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