What I Did On My Vacation

Today is officially the last day of my vacation. I’ve never taken a three week vacation before, especially one where I was home the entire time. I wasn’t sure what to expect, quite honestly.Meanwhile, I tackled tasks that had been piling up. Went through the last of our boxes that were still packed from our move two years ago. Things went to Goodwill and the landfill. I finally finished Cryptonomicon. We had Thanksgiving at our house. Wrote a presentation on Smartphones that I will give in March. Wrote a couple of product reviews. I watched the Price is Right one morning. I went the entire three weeks without reading my work email. I did make sure my expense reports were getting paid and submitted one. Made sure the travel department booked my trip to California, which is where I will be when this hits the Internet.It’s been August since I’ve been to Redwood City to visit the office. Nothing quite like total immersion to recover from vacation. That and the estimated 5,000 emails that are sure to be in my inbox when I open my inbox on Monday morning 😉






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