We Have Electricity–But How Much Longer?

We managed to keep the lights on long enough to get the kids to bed. But I can hear the wind and the rain picking up outside. At dusk, a tree blew into our driveway, obstructing our ability to drive out. Not that I particularly want to be anywhere but inside in these conditions. It will be something we have to deal with before leaving the homestead for sure.

Given that I’m seeing reports of 60+ mph winds in many inland areas in Western Washington already, I have no doubt that power will be out when we wake up in the morning.PSE is saying they’ve got crews ready and able to go fix things, but they’re to wait for the storm to pass before going out and assessing damage and fixing things. The storm should finish doing its damage to this area by tomorrow morning.

How long it will take before we get the power back on is another matter entirely. Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire says we should expect the power to be out for several days, as does PSE. Hopefully we’re not in the areas that will take “several days” to restore. 🙂






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