Waist Progress While Weight Progress…Waits

I thought I was making progress on the weight loss front…until I wasn’t.

Basically, I’ve bounced around the same 10 pounds / 4.5 kilos for the last few months. That’s what the blue line shows, whereas the green and red curves show where the “floating average weight” is (as calculated by HappyScale).

I suppose I can blame the fact that I haven’t done a fast longer than 24 hours in a while. Also, I’ve been in many different timezones over the last few months, meaning my sleep is all over the map. With that as context, keeping my weight more or less stable is an achievement.

What is definitely an achievement is another notch being punched in my belt. That puts my waist loss at 15 inches (or 38 centimeters). That is definitely an achievement.

Meanwhile, the doctor tells me to keep making progress. The A1C is at a 5.6% and my blood pressure is still mildly elevated, but way better than it was when I started. Hopefully, those will all trend downward along with my weight and I can get off the meds. That would be serious progress.






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