Victories Not Quite To Scale

From my last update about 6 weeks ago, I have made more progress at lowering my weight and improving my Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Weight: 245 pounds/111 kilos, about 80 pounds/36 kilos under my high water mark
  • Blood glucose (30-day average): 106 mg/dL or about 6.0 mmol/L
  • A1C (from blood test in late December): 5.9%

I can blame the higher blood glucose on the holidays, but then again, the A1C number is a bit higher than I was predicting based on averages around that time. Either way, the A1C is a trailing indicator that is still trending in the right direction.

I still need to buy some new clothing, but I’m putting it off as long as possible since I expect to shrink a little more. Meanwhile, a particular hoodie that I acquired two years ago and haven’t been able to wear until fairly recently is still not quite big enough for my wife’s tastes. The fact I can wear it at all is another one of those non-scale victories I’ve been having as of late.

My next doctor’s appointment is in 3 weeks. Curious what he will think of all this. Even though he’s not totally onboard with my regimen, the transformation that has occurred in the last 8 months is pretty dramatic. Compare my passport photos from March 2009, June 2008, and June 2017:

To a few days ago:






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