Up In The Air

This weekend suddenly went up in the air on me, and even next week may be up in the air now too.

My wife had two parties to do this weekend: one at her house tomorrow and the neighborhood Christmas party on Sunday. Personally, I think it’s insane to sign up for both, but hey, it’s the holidays and really the only weekend during December where parties can be had. Unfortunately, what she didn’t count on was getting sick, which at least when she was awake earlier was definitely the case. And of course let’s add the additional difficulty factor of Gracie having a cold at the same time and you’ve got a recipe for disaster on your hands.

I was warned I may have to cancel my trip to the Bay Area next week. If she’s going to be as bad off as she seems to think, then I’ll have to. But we’ve got a couple of days between now and then, so we’ll have to see. Let’s just hope that whatever the wife has passes quickly. She went to bed early so hopefully she will sleep some of it off.






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