TSA fires 28 over improper luggage screening at Honolulu airport

The Transportation Security Administration fired 28 of its employees — in addition to three who resigned or retired — following a probe that revealed bags were allowed onto planes at Hawaii’s Honolulu International Airport without being properly screened, the agency said Sunday.

via edition.cnn.com”>http://edition.cnn.com/2011/09/18/travel/tsa-screeners/index.html”>edition.cnn.com

They clearly can’t screen bags effectively. Whether you are subject to the irradiating nudeoscopes or not depends on the airport you fly into and is also a crapshoot as to which line you are unlucky enough to fly out of or stand in. They apply questionable methods inconsistently at best. Is it any wonder why I consider what TSA does little more than security theater?






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