Trying to Get Things Done, But…

There are two projects we’ve been trying to get done for a while now–getting a new DVD player in our minivan and replacing the garage door opener. Both of these things have had unexpected problems.

Last week, I took the minivan into Magnolia to swap out my antiquated VCR for a DVD player–we already had a screen. Several hours pass by and the bad news comes up–namely that the screen is tied too closely to the VCR in order to work separately. That meant buying a new screen, raising the cost of the whole project by 150%. The good news is that they wouldn’t charge us for the work they’ve already done and we could use the already-paid money. But it meant rescheduling, which with Thanksgiving coming up, well.. anyway that should be done tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Today was the day we were supposed to get a new garage door opener. Our opener works fine. What doesn’t work fine are the remotes and, unfortunately, there is no source for the remotes other than Wayne Dalton. Yay, they suck. So a new opener was purchased at Lowe’s along with installation. Getting an installation scheduled took a week because their contracted installer was unavailable. I had gotten the install scheduled for today.

Today, the guy shows up, takes one look at my garage door opener and says “you know, the part I need to do this, I used my last one of those at the previous job I just did. We’ll have to reschedule.” He was just at Lowe’s and had he known, he could have picked the part up. He chalks it up to Lowe’s not asking enough questions beforehand to ensure he was prepared. I believe that. Anyway, we’re scheduled for Wednesday morning.

And of course to make life even more interesting, house hunting is occurring once again. The wife has looked at a couple of places and is scouring MLS to find a nice place at a price we’re willing to pay. The politics of this neighborhood are getting too much. It’s not the people but rather “behind the scenes” stuff that few people are privy to, but end up affecting the entire neighborhood. The latest I heard this evening about drove me ape$^!+, but not terribly surprising.

The new road behind our house, which finally opened up earlier this week, is so far proving to be a non-issue. Not much road noise so far. Because the weather has been so wet, Gracie hasn’t gone outside too much, thus not taking off for the road. She did go outside briefly this afternoon between storms, but didn’t stay out too long, given how cold and wet it is outside. Maybe we’ll move before the road and the lack of a fence becomes an issue, who knows. Hope so anyway.






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