Toronto’s Forgotten Landmarks: Regal Constellation Hotel

Sitting silently just east of Toronto’s Pearson airport is the derelict Regal Constellation Hotel. Built in 1962, this somewhat bizarre example of modernist architecture was geared toward conferences and trade shows, but due to corporate rearrangement, SARS, and a host of other unfortunate events, it has sat vacant for the past few years. This past weekend, I found myself at an international conference across the street (one that, ironically, used to be held at the Regal), and I could not help paying a visit to my old friend.


Seeing this rather derelict looking hotel from my hotel window, I was rather curious as to it’s history. Hard to see most of the other stuff going on at the site thanks to the snow and below freezing temperatures in February, but the 15 story buildings are still there. Various windows are broken. The red signs (which don’t come on anymore) look like something out of another time and place. The state of the buildings look like something out of a post-apocalyptic future.






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