Tom Merritt’s Daily Tech News Show

Not wasting any time after leaving TWiT, Podcaster Tom Merritt has already started a Daily”>”>Daily Tech News Show. You could say it’s another iteration of the Buzz Out Loud or Tech News Today format: top headlines with some in-depth analysis and discussion with guests, audience participation, and a snappy theme.

Both Tom’s new podcast and his former podcast, Tech News Today, are undergoing a public beta of sorts during their respective (re)launches. They both have their rough edges, but it’s clear Tom has been doing this for years as DTNS, aside from a few technical glitches during the two shows he’s done, sounds very crisp. Mike Elgan, who just took over for Tom on TNT, is still finding his sea legs, it seems like.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to listen to Tom Merritt doing the tech news again without feeling like I’m supporting TWiT because y’all know my feelings on TWiT. And with the relaunch of Current Geek, we get a TWiT-less weekly roundtable discussion show, too.






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