Three Day Weekends

One thing I do near the end of a calendar year is figure out how much vacation time I have to take and, well, take it. My employer gives me a ton of vacation days that I have to take–or else I don’t get any the following year. I am allowed to bank two weeks, which I do. The problem is: everyone takes Christmas off and I don’t want to be one of those people. Also, Christmas is a nice time to work because, well, things are “slow” at that time of year. I can actually get things done. 🙂

The best compromise is to basically work four days a week until the end of the year. This along with previously taken vacation time usually works out. This year, however, it doesn’t, and I need to take even more time off. Fortunately there is a week where Jaden only goes to school half-days all week and that sounds like a good week to take off. That along with Thanksgiving Week end up being good weeks to take off. That gets me just under the bankable limit.

Since Monday is a school holiday for Jaden, it will mean some extra kid time this weekend. Yay, vacation!






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