Three Day Weekend

One advantage of my particular job situation and the company I work for is that I have a lot of time to take off each year. Part of it is that I’ve been there for 8 years, part of it is that they make you take the time off (i.e. you lose it or lose it).

Because I have so many days off, and I generally take so few off, what usually ends up happening is that I end up with a boatload of days off at the end of the year. Instead of doing what everyone else does, which is “take December off,” I do something different–I work four day weeks for up to three months, depending on how many days off I have left at the end of the year.

This year, Jaden is in public school. And the thing about public school is that they have a lot of holidays and half-days. One thing I’m doing this year is taking those holidays and most of the half-days off. Helps with the home life somewhat.

This week, there isn’t a holiday or half-day. However, my wife needs to get her hair done, and that takes a while. We don’t have easy access to a babysitter. This Monday became a day off. No biggie. The weather will hopefully stay sunny and dry as forecast, although about normal temps for this time of year (45-50F, or about 7-10C). That means Gracie should be easy to entertain outdoors. Jaden will be in school as normal.

We are likely to do a vacation this summer as well (we didn’t last year). Between that and all these days off already scheduled, it will be interesting to see how many days I’ll have to take off at the end of the year,






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