They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

I can’t help but listen to this Ronald Reagan speech from 1964 and realize how much of this applies today. The examples he gives are dated, of course, but are still relevant today. Government is growing increasingly bigger, more wasteful. Social Security is insolvent. Our budget is nowhere near balanced. We are spending far more than we’re taking in.

Unfortunately, none of the politicians today come anything close to espousing or upholding the ideals in this speech. Then again, I’m not sure Reagan was able to carry out the ideas here, either. Despite great leaders like Reagan who state otherwise, the political machine simply won’t cede control to the people.As much as I think President Obama is trying to help by bailing out various industries–including the banks and homeowners over their heads–I believe that the best course of action is to simply let these industries fail. The government can instead fund FDIC and pay off the depositors in these failed banks–the real victims of these economic problems. American ingenuity will fill the hole left by these failed banks and other industries.The older I get, the more I firmly believe that the government does not know what is best for anyone except the betterment of itself.






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