The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down…

When people say it rains a lot in Seattle, they might envision the kind of weather we’ve had the past couple of days, which is to say fairly constant and sometimes heavy rain. Having lived several winters here, I can tell you that while it is not unusual to have periods of heavy rain, it’s not usually this constant.The additional 2 inches of snow we got on Sunday quickly became a non-issue thanks to rising temperatures and all this rain. However, the Puyallup River is now flooding, so it’s causing some problems in the area, though nowhere near me, thankfully.Global warming? Doubt it. According to Professor Don J. Easterbrook, who is in the Dept. of Geology at Western Washington University, suggests we just exited a 30 year “Global Warming” cycle and are now entering a 30 year “Global Cooling” cycle. These ~30 year cycles go back ~500 years–well before we humans started causing the large-scale CO2 emissions that are supposedly killing the planet!In other words, we can expect more rain and snow here in Seattle over the next few decades. Great.






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