The Pinball, She Is Getting Fixed

When we moved to the new place, my wife decided the pinball machine should go in the living room. Now, of course, she wants it fixed. Apparently, it will be something cool for the neighborhood kids to play with.

The problem with getting pinball machines fixed is that not a lot of people actually fix pinball machines. I called the place that owns/services a lot of the amusement machines at a local arcade. They referred me to one of their techs who does it “on the side.” I called to see if/when he could come out. He’s busy this week, but hopefully we can work something out for next week.

The first step is getting all the wiring reconnected. I had to disconnect all of the wiring between the head and the base so that the machine could be moved from my office in the old house. Now that the machine has been moved, I need to reconnect it all.

I also ordered a set of rubbers for the machine. No, not the prophylactic kind, but the kind that goes around the slingshots, flippers, and whatnot. They are starting to get worn and cracked. One of the slingshots is already missing it’s rubber ring due to this. Fortunately, the sets are cheap and easy to get on eBay.

Here’s hoping I can get this thing back online soon.






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