The Ever-Evolving Job

As many of you know, my day job is with a large, multinational company. I didn’t know how things would progress whe I started in early 1999, but it has been quite an adventure that has stretched my capabilities and even my endurance. Having a family to support (hopefully) increases your constitution for dealing with job adversity. At least you have some reason for enduring it all.

Meanwhile, some changes are afoot for my job. It’s fairly clear what I will bedoing for the next few months. It is unclear what the future beyondthat holds. It is quite likely I will be repurposed as I have been inthe past. Some possibilities have been thrown out, but I clearly needto flesh those out in detail. That is something I hope to accomplishthis week in the office.

Meanwhile, some projects I am involvedwith at Voxilla are coming along quite nicely. I am looking forward tothose projects seeing the light of day. Can’t say much about them, ofcourse, but it is nice to see the progression.






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