The Calm Before The Storm

As I alluded to in my previous post, the weather is about to take a turn for the worse here. The nasty weather: high winds. It’s the same kind of winds that knocked the power out yesterday, but these winds will be a bit stronger. This graphic I found on The Weather Channel website pretty much sums it up (note I live West of Seattle on the other side of the Puget Sound):

The “calm,” if you can call it that, is on and off rain. The winds aren’t too bad right now, but I expect that will change later in the day. I fully expect the power to go out sometime after the kids go to bed tonight, given that pretty much every time there’s a serious windstorm here, we lose power. I fully expect chaos to ensue Friday morning. Good thing I’ve already got a day off scheduled for Friday already as well as the following Monday. It’s going to be an interesting weekend…






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