The Beaded Branch: Sand Is Always Blue

“Don’t ever tell my children to color in the lines, that anything is a certain color. If the sand is blue in their eyes, then let it be blue!”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“I never realized where my problems were. I was always told–sand isn’t blue, giraffes aren’t green, fingers and eyes aren’t the extensions of an artist. Do NOT fill my children’s heads with that nonsense! Anything can be any color, and lines are only suggestions, not rules.”


While I’ve never fancied myself someone who could color or draw very well, I can relate to the core of this piece: that we often have to hide whom we are and what we think in order to “conform” to the expectations of others. It’s definitely a creative block.

And yes, I gave away the ending of the piece, but go read it anyway.






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