The 49ers Could Win Division This Year? Huh?

Even though I moved up to Washington State in the late 1990s, my heart has always been in San Francisco. Growing up in the Bay Area in the 1980s when the 49ers grew into a powerhouse team, with plenty of memories of watching Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Brent Jones, Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, Freddie Solomon, and many others, it’s hard not to leave my heart there, even though those glory days are long gone.

I don’t follow football that closely now that I’ve got kids and my weekends are busy playing with them. Just as well given the 49ers have been playing like crap for the past several years now. However, I did kind of “perk up” when I heard that the 49ers have a shot–a rather slim one at that–of making the playoffs this year. In short, the Seahawks have to lose their last two games and the 49ers have to win their last two games.

Looking at this weekend’s games, Seattle is up against San Diego. San Diego is currently kicking butt and taking names. I would expect hope that the Chargers will hand Seattle their ass on Sunday. I’m pretty sure that the 49ers will beat the Cards. Of course, that’s what I want to happen, whether it will or not is a different story. But you can bet I’ll be checking in on ESPN via my mobile phone. Next weekend, things look a little more dicey. Seattle is playing Tampa Bay, which is not playing so well this year. San Fran is up against Denver. Denver is also in the playoff hunt. That could be a close game.

I don’t hold out a lot of hope that my boys in Red and Gold will pull it out this year. Even if they do make the playoffs, I expect they will get their asses handed to them in the first or second round. The only reason they are in the playoff hunt at all is because Seattle has been sucking big time this year, mostly because they lost both their quarterback and running back at various times of the year.






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