Taking Back What Clear Channel Took

I remember radio. Back when there were real DJs who played real music. They answered the phone. They interacted with their audience. They most certainly weren’t constrained by a playlist.And then Clear Channel–and companies of their ilk–took over all of the radio stations. All of their stations are automated with limited play lists. The logical conclusion to this trend is something like Jack FM, who even does away with those pesky DJs.And then Adam Curry comes along and reinvents radio. Using modern technology, and most importantly, audience participation, we (and I mean we) are creating the ultimate radio station. People in the community that have developed around No Agenda and the Daily Source Code are creating the software and contributing the tracks that drive the station. The insanely useful service Dropbox is a key component of this experiment. The result is a radio station that defies any traditional format. All kinds are music are played throughout the day. What’s even better: the aaaaNo Agenda Stream can be heard worldwide from anywhere thanks to the Internet. And its only going to get better.






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