Susan Estrich invites Love Pats by the TSA

A revolt is apparently growing at the grassroots level — being fanned by politicians and right-wing talking heads — against the new procedures being used by the TSA to ensure that people with bombs and weapons don’t get on airplanes with you and me and our loved ones. If you ask me, it’s ridiculous. The revolt, I mean.

Are people’s memories so short that they have forgotten that it was just last Christmas when a man with a bomb hidden in his underwear was caught on a flight to Detroit?

Have we forgotten the “shoe bomber”?

Have you turned on the television lately? As I write this, bomb-sniffing dogs have located a suspicious package at Logan Airport, and the cargo area has been cleared.

And people are complaining about TSA pat-downs?


No, lady. I am complaining about the fact the TSA now feels the need to violate our constitutional rights to do their job. I draw the line at being forced to choose between walking through a potentially unsafe imaging machine or having my “junk” touched. Or possibly both, should the TSA screeners find a “problem” that needs “resolution.”

The Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel, which is in a much more “unsafe” part of the world than any US airport, hasn’t had a problem in 8 years. They’ve done this without touching people’s junk, putting them through full body scanners, or require you to take off your shoes.






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