Supporting Sexual Assault: The Left and the TSA

The TSA is there to remind us that the State is all-powerful, and that even to question any act is to commit a crime. (For those who don’t know it, openly questioning these procedures at an airport is to commit the crime of “Interfering with the Duties of a Federal Officer,” and the maximum penalty is 20 years in prison. Look it up yourself.)


If government is to give us Utopia, then government must have a free hand. To the Left, since government should control everything, then government also controls your body (except if you want to have an abortion, but government still should pay for it). So, to those who believe we need even more state control, what is happening in airports is a good thing, for it reminds us that we are and should be subservient to the State.


I thought the woman describing her molestation experience at the hands of the TSA was sick. This all but outright says that sexual molestation is ok if the government does it.






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