Stubborness May Be Hazardous

I had an incident recently at work that involved someone emailing the general manager of my group over something I did without approaching me about the issue first. I did something really dumb that I should know better. It’s one of those things that, if handled improperly, could have easily turned into an HR moment. However, I immediately claimed and took full responsibility for what I did. My management was very supportive and chose to allow me to resolve the issue on my own without involving HR. And, of course, it did resolve the issue and everything is back to normal.

I explained the issue to my wife, and she, being the mama hen that she is, was very concerned that I was doing something that was threatening my job. She was also concerned that I had every intention of continuing to do what I was doing–something that is specifically not part of my job description, but something I feel fairly passionate about. I would, of course, be careful to avoid the specific behavior which caused a near HR-moment, but of course that made her nervous. Call it stubbornness, and of course if I am not careful, I could be having an HR moment and put my job at risk.

However, it could be much worse. I could be my dad, whom has smoked longer than I’ve been alive, and now seems to have developed COPD (note to Dad: this might have been something to blog about). Despite this diagnosis, he’s still smoking. Yes, he’s taking cessation drugs to try and quit, etc, but to me, getting COPD is a gigantic blinking to neon sign to redouble the efforts to stop.






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