Strep Throat Gives You Hives?

Apparently, Jaden gets hives.

Last week, Jaden stayed over at a friend’s house the last night of school. His friend got a fever and was throwing up during that day, but Jaden ended up staying anyway. (Next time, SEND HIM HOME!) So on Friday, when we started having a fever, we weren’t surprised. He also had a sore throat. The fever went away after a day or two, but the sore throat persisted through the weekend. Sunday night, we noticed he has several large red spots on his legs–about the size of silver dollar pancakes.

Today, we took Jaden to the doctor to see what was up. Turns out, he’s got strep. The red spots were hives–a reaction to the strep throat germs. But other than the sore throat and the reduced appetite, he’s not that bad off. I know when I get strep, my large tonsils swell up and I get a fever. I have to be in bed for several days because it kicks my ass.

One small complication is that Jaden is allergic to Amoxicillin. There are other antibiotics that can be taken, but they are not quite as effective. Even the one Jaden was perscribed, the doctor warned to watch for an allergic reaction since people allergic to the “cillin” drugs could be allergic to these as well, which may show up again as hives.Great.






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