Still Moving

I haven’t done much here recently aside from posting the odd picture taken with my N95. Been kind of busy.

We’ve been in our new place nearly a month. Boxes are still everywhere. The house is a mess. We’re trying to work in regular housecleaning to the regular routine–something we haven’t had to do in a while.

And, of course, there’s still stuff in the old house. Aside from the furniture still there, we still have plenty of other stuff there as well. My office is pretty well cleaned out, but Jaden’s bedroom still has a ton of stuff in the closet. There’s also plenty of toys still in the toy room.

Thanks to the equipment purge I recently did–thankfully I was able to give away or recycle almost all of it–I have some empty plastic bins to help get the stuff out of the house today. I’m sure I could fill those up quite a few times and not get everything out.

I have no idea when we’ll get all the stuff from the old house. It’s probably going to depend on when we sell it. Wish I knew when that was going to be.






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