State of the Pinball Machine

One thing I successfully accomplished today was making it so I could remove the backbox of my pinball machine. Unfortunately, it means disconnecting lots and lots of wires–yes I labeled things. The wires run from the backbox, i.e. the upright “head” part, down into the cabinet. Some of these wires had Molex connectors, which helped a bit. In other cases, I had to disconnect things from the backbox, remove the bolts for the cable ties, unhook the cables, and put them down into the cabinet.

With the wires no longer an issue, all I have to do is remove two bolts and the head should come right off. Why do I want to do this? Because I had to do that (and remove the legs) in order to get the pinball machine up to my office. I expect I will have to do the reverse to get it down. And trust me, we’re paying movers to move this piece of equipment. I moved it with a local pinball expert when we first moved in. It’s not easy to move a pinball machine!

As I wrote before, the Power Module in my system is hosed. It’s possible I can replace a component of the board and get it working, but given we are moving in about 5 weeks, and fixing this thing may not be cheap, it’s not a high-priority item. The pinball game also needs a new rubber slingshot. I found a similar-sized rubber gasket at the hardware store that I am using in the meantime, but it’s wrong both in terms of size–width of rubber and too big in diameter for the area–and in color.

I do look forward to getting this thing fixed and set up at the new place. It’s been far too long since I’ve played my beloved Eight Ball Deluxe.






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