Spring Cleaning and Garage Sales

Every year our neighborhood does an annual Garage Sale. It’s not like people around here don’t do Garage Sales any other time of the year, it just happens to be when it’s an organized, orchestrated affair. We are participating this year, mostly because we have stuff in a storage unit we are paying to keep there for no good reason. There’s also a plethora of items the kids have outgrown that we’d like to get rid of and possibly get some cash for.

Over the long holiday weekend, my wife went through Jaden’s room. She throughly went through his room, throwing out a couple of garbage bags worth of junk in the process and removing a bunch of toys to sell at the garage sale as well as giving a few of his toys and books to Gracie. Jaden’t room is neat and orderly for the first time in what seems like forever! It remains to be seen how much trash will be uncovered throughout the rest of the house, but I suspect there will be more.

We are also using the opportunity to get rid of our dining room table and chairs, which have lasted nearly 10 years, but have definitely seen better days. My wife found a table at the local Amish furniture store, but it will be several weeks before it’s made and delivered. The Amish furniture store wanted way too much for the chairs, so she found some cheaper chairs at Pier 1 that will fit the bill. Assuming our set gets sold, we may have to use one of my folding tables from my office as a makeshift dining room table until the new table arrives.

I have a few things up in my office I’d like to sell. However, I suspect I will have a hard time selling them as the kind of stuff I have isn’t your usual garage sale fodder–and believe me, I’ve been to more than my share of garage sales over the years. Whatever doesn’t get sold will probably get donated to charity. The neighborhood has arranged to have a charity come through the neighborhood on Monday to pick up everyone’s unwanted items. I suspect they will be hauling stuff away by the truckload.






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