Something About Live Music

This evening, I was looking around on my hard drive for things to cleanout. A while ago, I had downloaded video of the four songs Pink Floyd played at the Live 8 concert in London. And when I say Pink Floyd, I mean Pink Floyd with Roger Waters too! Watching that video reminded me of when I went and saw PinkFloyd sans-Roger Waters in 1993, as well as some of the other acts I’ve seen.

I really like music played live in front of a real audience. A sizable percentage of the credit card debt I accumulated in the 1990s went toward bootlegged recordings of Pink Floyd and a few other bands. While I stopped buying that stuff years ago, I’ve still got most of the stuff I bought. When I get the chance, I enjoy listening to it. I didn’t go to too many concerts back in my free-spending days, most likely because the bands I liked didn’t tour then. I did get to see a couple of favorites, though.

I think what I like about live music is that you’re never quite sure what you’re gonna get, even with songs you know and love. Sometimes it’s a nice surprise, sometimes it’s not so great.

“And nobody knows what it’s really like but everyone says it’s great” — They Might Be Giants






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