Sifting Through The Old Blog

I am beginning the rather manual process of going through my old blog on Vox and copying things over. One post at a time. You’ll see a few things copied over here for posterity, but as I go through it all, I realize not all of the material there needs saving.Some of the stuff was “tweets” or “status updates” I sent through, which I had pointed at my Vox blog for a period of time. Most of that stuff is ephemeral at best and probably does not need to be saved. I did run across this quote, though:

Never attribute to incompetence that which may be adequately explained by process-driven behavior.

Not sure what this was even in response to, but I’m sure it had something to do with work. This did for sure (and refers to our old support website at Nokia).

Cursing at our support website, which lately has had all the reliability of a heroin addict looking for their next hit.

That was it of the stuff that ended up on my Vox blog. Look for more backdated posts in the coming days as I copy them over from Vox and repost them here. Or simply delete them without a trace.






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