Russell Shaw Passed Away

Was flipping through Jaiku and saw a note from Darla Mack saying that Russell Shaw has passed away on Friday.I found one lone article confirming this, but it is the weekend. Maybe we’ll find out more about it on Monday.

Russell Shaw blogged about a great number of things for ZDNet, TMCNet, and The Huffington Post, not to mention a number of books. And I thought I wrote a lot. 😉

I never did get to meet Russell Shaw, in real life or on the Internet. I do know, however, he was well-respected and I enjoyed reading his work. He will be missed by the Internet community for sure.

Edit: Since I posted this, I’ve seen posts from Andy Abramson, Dan York, and Ken Camp. We still don’t know why he died yet, but I’m sure those details will come soon.






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