Rescuing Dad’s Blog from the Deadpool

Word came out today that Six Apart’s Vox blogging service is entering the deadpool–closing it’s doors on 30 September. Not a huge shock since the service, which I originally liked quite a bit, failed to evolve in a meaningful way. I had imported my own Vox blog not too long ago and deleted my Vox account.

Meanwhile, my dad also had a blog on Vox as well. He passed away a couple of months back and I wanted to save his blog for posterity. Fortunately, Posterous’ import process for Vox is simple enough that it doesn’t even require a login to the site! I just pointed Posterous at the site, and it basically handled the rest.

Dad’s new blog: TechZilla Said. I did a perfunctory “what this blog is” posting and created him a profile. Beyond that, I don’t expect it to change. I don’t even expect anyone to read it, but it’s there in case anyone does.






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