Repeating Myself

I should probably clarify my last post as I think a couple of you might have misunderstood my motivations.

For better or worse, I’ve made a choice to share at least some of my life with the world. A lot of other people have made that same choice, but I don’t expect others to. That being said, I also see no reason to repeat myself. Nor should anyone else.

The nice thing about Vox is that you share as much, or as little, as you want with the outside world.Dad, or anyone else for that matter, doesn’t have to make every article they write on Vox public. Furthermore, as people are brought into “friends or family” status, they can be exposed to a new level of information they didn’t have before. So as someone close to you joins Vox, you could give them access to your own secret thoughts complete with pictures, words, music, and video with a timeline and some context to hang it all on. It’s not just a series of forwarded email, it’s a complete stream of consciousness. A snapshot in time, if you will.






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