Re-evaluating My Needs, Google Style

I was going through my old posts that I imported from my Vox (and
other) blogs and ran across an old post I had done taking the top
results of Googling “dameon needs” to see what it says. It was a meme
going around at the time, I figured what the hell, it couldn’t hurt. Well, I decided to do it again just to see if my needs had changed.
Likely. It’s been 18 months or so. 1. I need numbers. Depends on the kind of numbers we’re talking about. 2. I need the New York Yankess more than they need me. I wonder how
they could need more any less than I need the New York Yankees (which
is not at all). 3. I need to get over it. Yes, I agree. 4. I need to be less stubborn. Agreed. 5. I need to know if Sarah Palin thinks dinosaurs were here. Um, yeah. 6. I need to keep my shirt off. Um, no. 7. I need to rest and evaluate. Been doing that and was on the list last time. 8. I will work with you to create a total website solution suitable to
your needs. Um, no. 9. I need a room in Houston, TX that I’m willing to spend up to $500 a
month for. No. 10. I need to realize I’m older than I think. No. Ok, maybe Google doesn’t have all the answers…






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