Random Thoughts from June

Once I started keeping a paper day planner, I decided I should gothrough the notes I wrote in my day planner once and highlight anythinginteresting in my blog. I probably should have done this a couple ofweeks ago, but oh well.

Voxilla: Early in June, Iofficially “left” Voxilla. Interestingly enough, so did Carolyn Schuk.That being said, I still have a small ownership stake and have helpedout with little things here and there, though interestingly Marcelohasn’t called me in several weeks. I haven’t been watching the Voxilla Forums all that closely, but it looks like they are continuing to move forward. I’ve also tried to send business their way.

Match Game: While I wrote this down on 7 June, I recently had a recurring thought about it. I’ve been listening to The Daily Giz Wiz and because Dick DeBartolo and Leo Laporte seem to talk about Match Gamequite often (Dick was the head writer on Match Game), I am frequentlyreminded how cool it would be if this were to come back. This could bedone as a video podcast. It could even be done as an audio podcast andit would work. I wonder if such a thing happened if Dick would be kindenough to write the questions. (Of course there is the question ofgetting the rights to use the name and/or not upsetting the copyrightholders)

A Clean Desk, Fewer Computers: Something I’vebeen wanting for a while finally happened after I got my MacBook andgenerally cleaned my office. There’s one corner of my office I haven’tcleaned yet, but the parts I inhabit frequently are fairly picked upand orderly. Also I’ve removed my Linux laptop from my desk and so I amdown to two computers: the MacBook and my work laptop.

Who Do I Serve?:My day job is backline technical support (i.e. the next step isdevelopment). In doing that job, I have to represent the customer’sinterests to my employer and my employer’s interests to the customer. Ilike to think I am working for the customer, but really it’s theemployer that pays my check. Sometimes those “interests” are inconflict, and it is not always easy to resolve those conflicts. I’llhave to elaborate more on this another time.

No Antihistamines:In June, I finally broke down and scheduled an appointment with anallergist. The actual appointment involved getting poked with a lot ofsticks covered in a lot of different substances. What am I allergic to?Most grasses and a few trees. Explains why Hawaii was a good place formy allergies. 🙂 Cat hair came up as an allergen for me, but I’ve hadcats my whole life and tolerate cats pretty well most of the time. I’mnow taking Allegra-D and Nasacort and all is well.

Ultrametabolism:This is a book I ended up purchasing electronically on amazon.com,though I realize I could have bought it in print. Remind me never tobuy DRMed stuff again. That being said, this book is full of reallyinteresting information about why most of us are not at a healthyweight and what we can do about it. What’s interesting is that theauthor, Dr. Mark Hyman says he never tells his patients to lose weight.He just helps their bodies get back into balance and the weight comesoff on it’s own. Interesting idea. I’m still trying to find my balance,and I am eating healthier if nothing else.

How Do I Make Money Writing About What I Love?:I’m still trying to figure out the answer to this question, but it’s aquestion I wrote down. Sure, Google gives me a few bucks, but it’senough to pay for an extra toy here and there, not enough to live on.I’ve tried to add some different ad networks to the site to see if thathelps. What I’d really like is to make my full time living writingabout what I love. Kind of like the folks from Dooce.

Shared Experience:I had written this down thinking how television has the concept of a”shared experience.” Originally, I thought the Internet might not havethat, but I am starting to think differently about that. While maybethere isn’t a single place we all go to get our media online, what youdo have online is the ability to “share” instantly. For example, if Isee something really cool on the Internet, I can send it to my friendsand they’ll read/listen/watch it when they have a chance. Instantgratification. On television, radio, or a movie? Well if you weren’tthere to see it, or didn’t tape/TiVo it, too bad. What it will beinteresting to see is how people will “find” content on the Internet inthe future. For me, right now, it’s subscribing to Digg’s Videos section in my RSS reader along with the blogs I normally read. That’s more than enough video to keep me busy right now.






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