QotD: This Time Last Year

What were you doing one year ago today?
Submitted by CassandraMorgan.

In California at the office, talking to management and trying to figure out what it was they were paying me to do, exactly, given how different my job was from everyone else in the group. I remember being told flat out “things are a little uncertain right now, hang in there.” Which of course, I did, and (ultimately) managed to take the vague direction I was given and did something productive. My yearly review clearly bore that out.

I’ve worked at the same place for eight years in basically the same group. I started out primarily supporting products, then into managing knowledge, process, and procedures related to our knowledge base, then back to supporting products for a while, and now I’ve come back to basically managing knowledge in addition to newer products. I have some say in the process and procedures, but a lot of that structure is already in place and I’m mostly just tweaking it.

One thing I have a clearer understanding on that I didn’t last year is that I am, in many ways, leading the group. Not in so much as I am a “manager,” but rather I am leading by example. That can be both a good and bad position to be in, but so far it has had a lot more upside than down.






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