What comedian makes you pee your pants laughing?
Submitted by pookieb.

The two best ones are Robin Willams and George Carlin.

Robin Williams just makes up the silliest stuff. I have no idea what possessed the man to do cocaine way back when. He’s got so much energy, he doesn’t need that stuff. I would love a chance to see him live, but he’s a big-time movie actor now, and other than the odd appearance on Jay Leno, etc, he doesn’t seem to do much standup.

I was lucky enough to see George Carlin live when I lived in Spokane. He isn’t high-energy like Robin Williams. However, he is what I call the bull$^!+ dissector. Of course, it began with the dissection of the 7 dirty words, which is by far his most famous rant, but it gets better. I love how he reduces the Ten Commandments down to two. Well he does add one at the end, which I also agree with.






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