QotD: My Vox Name

How did you pick your Vox name? Does it mean something?
Submitted by LeendaDLL.

The name PhoneBoy was given to me by one of the hosts of Radionet Talk Radio, a radio show I used to work on in 1996. I used to screen calls for the show. The host forgot my name one day and called me PhoneBoyjust to call me something. The thought I had at the time was “[Thehost] is never going to let this name go, so I might as well embraceit.” And embrace it I have.

As I’ve evolved my web presence over the years, the name PhoneBoy became very closely tied to FireWall-1. In fact, if you Google for FireWall-1, you’ll see that www.phoneboy.com comes up right after Check Point, the company that makes FireWall-1 (now marketed as VPN-1). Considering that I haven’t done much with the product in a number of years, that’s a fairly strong association! Maybe I should go back to that and make some money. 😉

My day job involves customer support, which means some phone work. These days, I don’t talk to nearly as many customers as I used to. Goes with the backline support role, the products I support, and the location of the customers. However, the name “tech support” seems to have a strong linkage to phones.

I also happen to have a collection of Nokia mobile phones, which seems to be shrinking as I give them away to my friends that need them. I believe that trend will reverse itself here very shortly. I’ve also been working with VoIP over the past three years, not as part of my day job, but as a hobby/side venture.

I guess you could say that I’ve been adding some emphasis on the “Phone” part of my name as time passes. 🙂






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