QotD: All My Pets

How many pets have you owned in your lifetime? Tell us about them.
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Over the years, mostly cats. We currently have two cats: Toby and Zoe. My wife had the cats before she had me. 🙂 I had several cats growing up at different times of my life. But only one dog–Steemer.

I seem to recall a second dog, but I don’t remember much about him. Steemer was a dalmatian that my dad had for a few years before he had to give him to Auntie May to take care of because the living situation just wasn’t conducive to dogs. But when we had him, he was the most loyal dog. He wouldn’t fetch, but he was always there and almost always nearby, watching over me. It’s more than I could say for my dad, who frequently was off working when I got home from school.

I’m sure Steemer’s long since dead. It’s been far too long. I hope he had a good life.






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