Preparing for a Trip

This evening I am taking a red-eye to the Washington DC area. I’m only going to be there a day or so, which is good. I can get by with a single carry-on. However, because it’s a long flight, I have a lot of videos to catch up on, and my MacBook won’t last the entire flight, I am bringing my freshly-reimaged work PC running Windows XP. At least I have an airplane adapater for it, in case I get lucky. I also have a second battery for it, so it should last longer.

Meanwhile, for the flight there this evening, I am not going to use my laptop. I am going to try and sleep. However, I will want some music to listen to. I spent way too long going through my music collection in iTunes to copy over onto an MMC for my Nokia 9500. I could have copied it to the MiniSD for my Nokia E70 instead, but I think the 9500 will be a better companion in terms of battery life. Hopefully, it will last the whole trip playing the roughly 150 songs I copied over to the 1gb MMC.

For the non-electronic parts of my trip, preparing is pretty straightforward. I have a travel bag that is already pre-stocked with the things I will need away from home (toiletries, etc). I have removed all liquids from this bag, so I can carry it on. That means leaving hair styling products at home. Toothpaste, assuming I can’t get it at the hotel, is accomodated by the bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap I have added to my bag. Yes, it seems weird to brush your teeth with soap, but some people swear by it. It does leave your teeth clean, though the taste is a little funny. And Dr. Bronner’s soap rocks for getting the rest of you clean, too. 🙂

Anyway, time to spend the last couple of hours with my kids before I take off…






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