Possible Cure For Diabetes

They figured out, at least in mice, how to potentially cure diabetes. What I find interesting about their solution is that they basically tackle the problem by addressing the underlying inflammation problem. This jives with some stuff I’ve been reading from Dr. Mark Hyman, specifically in the book Ultrametabolism and on his Ultrametabolism blog. If you can find the source of the inflammation and cure it, then your body can quickly normalize itself

I wish I knew of a doctor like Dr. Hyman around these parts–one that practices functional medicine and actually understands the body isn’t just a series of diseases: it’s a whole system that works together. When one part is messed up, it affects the whole thing. If I can figure out what part of my body is out of whack, maybe it will start working better. 🙂

Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss






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